Starbucks recently released its annual “holiday” cup, but if you ask me, it’s just a cup. They look like this:

Heidi Peiper

Uh, no wreaths?

No snowflakes?

No lil' reindeer scampering around?

No thank you!

I am not the only one who is ticked off, either.

"No more 'Merry Christmas' at Starbucks. No more," Donald Trump, Republican presidential frontrunner and living embodiment of the Christmas spirit, said earlier this week. "Maybe we should boycott Starbucks. I don't know. Seriously. I don't care. By the way: That's the end of that lease. But who cares? Who cares? Who cares?"

Who cares? I don't know. But I can tell you who doesn't care: Starbucks.

If Starbucks cared, they wouldn’t have put out such a bad cup.

Now here's the thing: I like the idea of a boycott. I really do. I don’t want a multinational corporation thinking it can take the snowflakes off its cups and get away with it. But then another part of me isn't so sure. I don’t want to stop going to Starbucks, a place that I truly love!


It’s a real predicament. But there may be a solution!

If Starbucks won't bring the Christmas to us, let's bring the Christmas to Starbucks!


Here are some yuletide designs that we can print out and affix to our cups. This way, Starbucks gets the message that it’s called Christmas, not Christmenos, while we still get to enjoy our favorite coffee or tea drink and browse Instagram on free Wi-Fi!

Hope you enjoy. And Merry Christmas! : )

Baby Jesus asleep in his manger
No room at the inn!
Wish Starbucks had consulted the three wise men on its new cup designs!
O Tannenbaum? Oh yeah!

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