As Mad Men's precocious Sally Draper, Kiernan Shipka has perfectly played the preteen daughter whose young age belied her wisdom for six seasons now, and in her new Marie Claire fashion spread, the actress is again proving she's lightyears ahead of us all.


With her blonde hair tousled, she dons Marc Jacobs, Fendi, and Miu Miu with total aplomb. Shipka strikes the perfect balance of teenage ennui and style prescience that makes her something of a fashion prodigy. But that should came as no surprise, seeing as dressing up has been a personal interest for half her young life; she tells Marie Claire: "Since I started Mad Men when I was 6, a lot of my interest in fashion sparked while I was on the show; Janie Bryant, the costume designer, is so brilliant, and I've been surrounded by all this great vintage clothing."

Hardly the moody teen she plays on the silver screen, though, Shipka endearingly discusses normal Los Angeles teen queen stuff, like strawberry lip balm and her newfound record collection, which includes every L.A. indie teen's favorite band, Rilo Kiley.


So what's next for the Mad Men star as the cult TV show enters its final season on Sunday (besides most likely a long and promising acting career)? Why, her 16th birthday! Kiernan says, "I don't know what my sweet 16 holds, but my quarter birthday is coming up! So that's what I'm thinking about." Surely whatever Kiernan winds up doing will be a very, very chic affair.

Check out the rest of the interview and photographs here.

Images via Marie Claire.

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