Male Celebrities in India Are Fasting Along With Their Wives

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quote: “Raj Kundra said on social networking site: ‘Why shud just the women fast? Nice 4 both to fast :)’”
their_title: Raj Kundra keeps a Karva Chauth fast for wife Shilpa Shetty
their_copy: Entrepreneur Raj Kundra revealed that he too keeps a Karva chauth fast for and with his lovely wife Shilpa Shetty.
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our_copy: On Tuesday, Indian women everywhere celebrated Karva Chauth, where women fast from sunrise to sunset to honor the lives of their husbands. The tradition is centuries old but is beginning to have a Western flair. Recently, men have started fasting along with their lovely ladies to show solidarity. Yet another sign that we're evolving when it comes to gender roles.


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