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Malia Obama, 17-year-old daughter of President Obama, is preparing to end her tenure as First Daughter and begin her stint as a college freshman. To do so, she's been dipping into the world of the normals—landing a sick summer internship and checking out schools. Most recently, she visited Brown, where she apparently did pretty normal things that sent Brown students into a tizzy.

GoLocalProv reported that Obama stayed with a friend at a dorm on campus called Morris Hall, which was surrounded by "high and visible" security.

The Tab reported on October 10th that Malia was on campus "RIGHT NOW," and excited students began tweeting their sightings.

It looks likes Malia spent a fairly average day touring the campus, doing things like eating:


Nbd just eating chipolte with Malia Obama

— Lauren (@hartbandits) October 11, 2015

when secret service agents are chillin on the steps up to your dorm because Malia Obama is eating lunch 100 ft away

— Lilly Nguyen (@lilly__nguyen) October 10, 2015

Hanging with students:

And generally inspiring FoMo:


Welcome to normal American life, Malia. And Brown students: try to acquire some chill.

A White House spokesperson did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Danielle Wiener-Bronner is a news reporter.