“We have to remember that we are privileged in some systems and oppressed in others. Feminism needs to be built a sisterhood of liberation because black women face one particular situation, women with disabilities face another, and lesbians face another.

“My organization is trans-feminist. So we are pushing hard to include transgender issues in the feminist movement and make the definition of gender include sexual identity and gender identity.


“I think young feminists are opening new spaces, including the participation of young men who are anti-patriarchy; men who reflect on their position as a man, and become anti-machista. There are a lot of men who are feminists and that’s important because it helps get the message out about a femenism and makes it more of an open movement.

“Of course a man can be a feminist. If you think only the poor can fight against poverty, or that only those affected by racism can fight racism, or that only those with disabilities can fight for universal accessibility, we’re not going to get anywhere in this world."


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