Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again Is the Most Important Film of the Trump Era

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Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again, the sequel(/prequel) to Mama Mia! the world has waited a decade for opened to widespread, universal acclaim* this weekend. Below, four Splinter editors unpack the film’s socialist imagery and its place in the Donald Trump era of filmmaking.


The following has been edited and condensed for clarity and contains spoilers.

aleks [1:33 PM] @here


Katherine Krueger [1:33 PM] i thought we said 2

aleks [1:33 PM] i said 1:30

Katherine Krueger [1:34 PM] hm

mamma chat

im gonna switch from pod to abba to get in the mood

Jack Mirkinson [1:34 PM] hmm good idea

Katherine Krueger [1:35 PM] AUDIO ONLY COME ON

Caitlin Schneider [1:35 PM] what was everyones favorite musical number

Katherine Krueger [1:35 PM] oh man

where to start

aleks [1:35 PM] Mamma Mia

Jack Mirkinson [1:35 PM] fernando!!!

Katherine Krueger [1:35 PM] def top 3

that song with sky SUCKED

aleks [1:35 PM] waterloo

Jack Mirkinson [1:35 PM] sky is the worst of course it did

Caitlin Schneider [1:35 PM] why sky

Jack Mirkinson [1:36 PM] fernando and waterloo were the best ones

Caitlin Schneider [1:36 PM] is what i thought throughout the movie

Katherine Krueger [1:36 PM] my general take: GTFO with that lame ass love interest

waterloo is perfect

Jack Mirkinson [1:36 PM] but the movie is so wise and like

barely spends any time on sky

they have that one song and then he’s in it for 5 minutes afterwards

aleks [1:36 PM] Mamma Mia!!!

Caitlin Schneider [1:36 PM] true and technically he’s the one who brings cher……….

Katherine Krueger [1:37 PM] aleks giving us a lot to think about as always

Jack Mirkinson [1:37 PM] when cher says “fernando???”


Katherine Krueger [1:37 PM] they needed to give him SOMETHING to do

still i was not invested

Jack Mirkinson [1:37 PM] caitlin did your audience applaud for cher

Katherine Krueger [1:37 PM] amanda could’ve gotten with fernando

Caitlin Schneider [1:37 PM] my audience GASPED

Jack Mirkinson [1:37 PM] amazing

Caitlin Schneider [1:37 PM] we were not prepared

Katherine Krueger [1:37 PM] beautiful

we saw it with a lot of writerly olds

who surprisingly also loved it

Caitlin Schneider [1:38 PM] this movie was so good that no one in my theater cared that someone was just filming the whole thing on their iphone


aleks [1:38 PM] Mamma Mia!!!!!!!

Jack Mirkinson [1:38 PM] no our whole audience was hooked from second 1

Katherine Krueger [1:38 PM] despite one woman asking me before the screening began if i was 12 years old


Jack Mirkinson [1:38 PM] ^^^can confirm

Caitlin Schneider [1:38 PM] what

Katherine Krueger [1:38 PM] literally the rudest thing

Jack Mirkinson [1:38 PM] she was very “chatty”

Katherine Krueger [1:38 PM] i think work was mentioned

and she was like “how do you work? you’re like 12 years old!”

did not respond positively

Jack Mirkinson [1:38 PM] i mean accurate but

not nice to mention it

Katherine Krueger [1:39 PM] uh WOW IT’S LITERALLY NOT

Jack Mirkinson [1:39 PM] it’s called being polite

Caitlin Schneider [1:39 PM] remember when the “only 17” line hit during dancing queen


Katherine Krueger [1:39 PM] “where’s your mom”

Jack Mirkinson [1:39 PM] also have to say loved super trouper at the end

Caitlin Schneider [1:39 PM] great moment

Jack Mirkinson [1:39 PM] even though it bent all rules of time and space

aleks [1:39 PM] Mamma Mia!!!!!!!!

Katherine Krueger [1:39 PM] as salty nyt noted that’s the only time there were black and brown people


when they were boat dancing

my take?? A GREAT SCENE


Jack Mirkinson [1:40 PM] dancing queen scene really good

Caitlin Schneider [1:40 PM] i have to admit i did think about being white a lot during this movie


Katherine Krueger [1:40 PM] the boats must not have ACTUALLY been cruising right

Jack Mirkinson [1:40 PM] LOL

Katherine Krueger [1:40 PM] LOL

Jack Mirkinson [1:40 PM] caitlin say more

aleks [1:40 PM] Mamma Mia???????

Caitlin Schneider [1:40 PM] mamma mia extremely white

Jack Mirkinson [1:40 PM] yeah it’s quite white

Caitlin Schneider [1:40 PM] this stopped us all in our tracks


Jack Mirkinson [1:41 PM] mamma mia!

Katherine Krueger [1:41 PM] you know who else was NOT cruising? colin firth

aleks [1:41 PM]

Caitlin Schneider [1:41 PM] Mamma Mia!!!!!

Katherine Krueger [1:41 PM] get it

Jack Mirkinson [1:41 PM] hmmm

Katherine Krueger [1:41 PM] bc he had no love interest


aleks [1:41 PM] mamma mia

Katherine Krueger [1:41 PM] (no)

Jack Mirkinson [1:41 PM] yeah that was rude to colin firth

where is his good gay part

Katherine Krueger [1:41 PM] his young was the weirdest actor though

Caitlin Schneider [1:42 PM] AGREE

Jack Mirkinson [1:42 PM] (a single man does not count)

Katherine Krueger [1:42 PM] not a sexual being

aleks [1:42 PM] MaHM Mia?

Katherine Krueger [1:42 PM] i really did not want that to be played out at all

Jack Mirkinson [1:42 PM] it is kind of weird that we are literally waiting around for her to have sex with each of these three men


aleks [1:42 PM](Mamma Mia i liked the actor who played young colin firth bc he was in a fleabag, a show i love Mamma Mia)

Katherine Krueger [1:42 PM] lotta typing, not a lotta words appearing


i also love fleabag

and hated him there too

Jack Mirkinson [1:43 PM] he is also in bbc parody show w1a

Katherine Krueger [1:43 PM] nowhere near as much as Sky though, i cannot understate this


Caitlin Schneider [1:43 PM] wow did not remember he was from fleabag

Jack Mirkinson [1:43 PM] dominic cooper has aged horribly

Katherine Krueger [1:43 PM] i did!!!!

Jack Mirkinson [1:43 PM] the guy at the dock would NOT be kind to him

Caitlin Schneider [1:43 PM] “Time has been most cruel to you, sir.”

aleks [1:43 PM] mamma mia

Jack Mirkinson [1:43 PM] dock guy was very good

Katherine Krueger [1:44 PM] anyway aleks said this is the most important film of the trump era


agree or agree

Jack Mirkinson [1:44 PM] no it’s true

Katherine Krueger [1:44 PM] i liked that onion review!!!

obviously the movie is not Good

Jack Mirkinson [1:44 PM] i am kind of gobsmacked about how profoundly i reacted to this movie


Katherine Krueger [1:44 PM] but it’s great and perfect



aleks [1:44 PM] mamma mia

Caitlin Schneider [1:44 PM] i think the movie might be Good

Katherine Krueger [1:44 PM] so much joy in a little 2 hr film

it’s no schindler’s list

Jack Mirkinson [1:44 PM] it’s the exact kind of movie that is a FAVORITE movie even though it might not be a BEST movie


Katherine Krueger [1:45 PM] it knows its limitations!

Jack Mirkinson [1:45 PM] also it is better than the original

Katherine Krueger [1:45 PM] like if you’re the kind of person shitting on a movie like MAMMA MIA


i dont want to know you

Jack Mirkinson [1:45 PM] just like magic mike xxl was better than magic mike

Katherine Krueger [1:45 PM] ok


Jack Mirkinson [1:45 PM] mamma mia here we go again is better than mamma mia

Katherine Krueger [1:45 PM] they’re just DIFFERENT

i do think they used up many of the best songs in the first

Jack Mirkinson [1:45 PM] well yes

Katherine Krueger [1:46 PM] so the fact that this one was better is a FEAT

Caitlin Schneider [1:46 PM] “Be still my beating vagina”

Jack Mirkinson [1:46 PM] iconic line

Katherine Krueger [1:46 PM] my queen

did you see the video of her being told she has big dick energy


Jack Mirkinson [1:46 PM] yes incredible

(btw magic mike xxl IS better than magic mike and for the same reason mamma mia 2 is better than mamma mia)


Caitlin Schneider [1:46 PM] im still thinking about the woman who plays young christine baranski

Jack Mirkinson [1:46 PM] (they dispense with plot and just focus on making us happy)


Katherine Krueger [1:47 PM] jack dont do this to me

BUT XXL reminded me that going to the cinema COULD BE FUN

Jack Mirkinson [1:47 PM] mamma mia 1 is full of meryl streep Having Challenges

Katherine Krueger [1:47 PM] rather than just uh.....intellectually stimulating

Jack Mirkinson [1:47 PM] mamma mia 2 just wants to give us joy

Katherine Krueger [1:47 PM] messed up about that horse tho

why was he there alone???

i have questions about the vacant greek farmhouse

Caitlin Schneider [1:46 PM] im still thinking about the woman who plays young christine baranski



yeah how long had that horse been there

Katherine Krueger [1:48 PM] but again: this doesn’t matter!!!

this film is not concerned with such things and therefore neither am i

aleks [1:48 PM] Ma :clap: mma :clap: MI :clap: A :clap:

Jack Mirkinson [1:48 PM] young christine baranski.....that’s some talented mr ripley shit


Katherine Krueger [1:48 PM] i liked lily whatsherface

Caitlin Schneider [1:48 PM] she’s incredible!!!!!!!!!

Jack Mirkinson [1:48 PM] christine better watch out....young christine WILL kill her and take her place


Katherine Krueger [1:48 PM] good voice!

i was hoping the goat would reappear

Caitlin Schneider [1:48 PM] fhdfhdsifhsifdsiods

Katherine Krueger [1:48 PM] like during the birth scene

Caitlin Schneider [1:48 PM] the goat scene

killed me

Katherine Krueger [1:48 PM] friendly goat

Jack Mirkinson [1:49 PM] LOL

Katherine Krueger [1:49 PM] devil moon

Jack Mirkinson [1:49 PM] goat scene is so good

Caitlin Schneider [1:49 PM] had flashbacks to The Witch

Katherine Krueger [1:49 PM] EXACTLY

Jack Mirkinson [1:49 PM] still did not see the witch

Katherine Krueger [1:49 PM] also that breakup was the fastest in history

Caitlin Schneider [1:49 PM] oh

the goat is the devil

Jack Mirkinson [1:49 PM] cool

Katherine Krueger [1:49 PM] he packed his shit and was on a boat in FIVE MINUTES

it’s an Art film see it jack

Caitlin Schneider [1:49 PM] young pierce was confusing

the accents were all very confusing

Katherine Krueger [1:49 PM] which was the hottest


what’s our power ranking

aleks [1:50 PM] Mamma Mia

Katherine Krueger [1:50 PM]

Jack Mirkinson [1:50 PM] mamma mia is the hottest?

Katherine Krueger [1:50 PM] [whispers to date] that’s mamma mia

aleks [1:50 PM] Mamma Mia!

Katherine Krueger [1:50 PM] i liked young stellen


Jack Mirkinson [1:50 PM] young stellan/young pierce/young colin

that’s the order

Caitlin Schneider [1:51 PM] i like 2018 being the year that Andy Garcia was like “my new career trajectory is: im hot”


Katherine Krueger [1:51 PM] agree


aleks [1:51 PM] :face_with_open_mouth_vomiting: :face_with_open_mouth_vomiting: :face_with_open_mouth_vomiting:

Katherine Krueger [1:51 PM] YES



even though he only had like 12 lines

aleks [1:51 PM] mamma mia

Jack Mirkinson [1:51 PM] can we pls go back to fernando scene

Katherine Krueger [1:51 PM] that beard should’ve been credited

Caitlin Schneider [1:51 PM] book club 2.0

Katherine Krueger [1:51 PM] cher had 3 outfit changes at the party????

Caitlin Schneider [1:51 PM] lol

Katherine Krueger [1:51 PM] this did not escape me

but was not remarked upon

and multiple wigs i am sure

Caitlin Schneider [1:52 PM] i fully thought she filmed alone until she and andy embraced


Katherine Krueger [1:52 PM] star treatment compared to how the movie treated meryl

VERY poorly

Caitlin Schneider [1:52 PM] yeah wtf!!!!!!!!!!!

Jack Mirkinson [1:52 PM] she signed off on it though

Katherine Krueger [1:52 PM] why was the ghostly singing visage necessary?????

and the blood milk maid hair

Caitlin Schneider [1:52 PM] horrible and rude

aleks [1:52 PM] Mamma Mia

Jack Mirkinson [1:52 PM] they were like “meryl has to die” and meryl was like “cool”


Katherine Krueger [1:52 PM] just let her be dead

bc she’s meryl streep!!!!!

Caitlin Schneider [1:53 PM] loved all the photos around the house of her on the same day


Jack Mirkinson [1:53 PM] she has to be ghost so she can be in the movie and make you cry!

Katherine Krueger [1:53 PM] LOL caitlin yes

two young hot shots with an older one in the middle

i loved that set piece

again rude!!!!

the film is so earnest and obvious and yet

here we all are

Jack Mirkinson [1:54 PM] in the first movie it’s implied that all three guys like spent a significant amount of time with meryl


but in #2 they each knew her for like 15 hours

Katherine Krueger [1:54 PM] yes!!!

aleks [1:54 PM] Mamma Mia......

Katherine Krueger [1:54 PM] these were like one night stands

not that im inclined to slut shame our young Free Spirit

Caitlin Schneider [1:54 PM] also why do the men love each other

Katherine Krueger [1:54 PM] “my destiny is in greece or whatever, idk”

Jack Mirkinson [1:54 PM] bc they love sophie

Katherine Krueger [1:54 PM] they’ve made peace

Jack Mirkinson [1:55 PM] they love being 1/3 of a dad to an adult woman

the easiest gig

Katherine Krueger [1:55 PM] i was just paternity tests not exist in this universe or


aleks [1:55 PM] Mamma Mia

Caitlin Schneider [1:55 PM] omg just remembered stellan skarsgard in the fat suit


Jack Mirkinson [1:55 PM] no the whole point is that they don’t WANT to do a paternity test

Katherine Krueger [1:55 PM] VERY RUDE ALSO

Jack Mirkinson [1:55 PM] LOL the fat suit is incredible

Caitlin Schneider [1:55 PM] a truly incredible moment

Jack Mirkinson [1:55 PM] and when they are doing titanic on the boat????

Katherine Krueger [1:55 PM] problematic????

ok that was excellent

Caitlin Schneider [1:55 PM] dancing queen was when the movie really got started

Katherine Krueger [1:56 PM] i would watch a buddy movie about just those two

let’s talk about the socialist implications

this movie? pro-peasant

Jack Mirkinson [1:57 PM] mamma mia 2? modern masterpiece

Caitlin Schneider [1:57 PM] jack can you refresh us on the woman with the sticks

Katherine Krueger [1:57 PM] stick woman

Jack Mirkinson [1:57 PM] so the woman with the sticks is in the first one

and she throws her sticks down during dancing queen and dances away

bc she is so into the song

Katherine Krueger [1:57 PM] looking haggard as ever i am sure

Caitlin Schneider [1:57 PM] wow hmmmmm

Katherine Krueger [1:57 PM] but she doesnt dance in this one???

messed up

Caitlin Schneider [1:57 PM] very different fate this time around

Jack Mirkinson [1:57 PM] well in the intervening period greece has been through a severe economic crisis



Katherine Krueger [1:58 PM] we’re all just carrying sticks up a hill, if you think about it


Jack Mirkinson [1:58 PM] probably too worn down to dance

Caitlin Schneider [1:58 PM] this one was also filmed in croatia apparently

Jack Mirkinson [1:58 PM] yes

aleks [1:58 PM] mamma mia

Katherine Krueger [1:58 PM] thanks

Jack Mirkinson [1:58 PM] katherine the arrangement between lily james and the old woman was v socialist


she gets to live rent free for contributing her music and general presence

Katherine Krueger [1:59 PM] yes

Jack Mirkinson [1:59 PM] such a utopia

Katherine Krueger [1:59 PM] from each according to their etc etc

“do you have any skills at all”

Jack Mirkinson [1:59 PM] and then the woman helps her give birth??? and yells at young pierce???



Katherine Krueger [1:59 PM] “oh i can sing if i’m happy or sad enough”

living rent free in a farmhouse

Caitlin Schneider [1:59 PM] but where does the wealth end up

Jack Mirkinson [1:59 PM] with one horse and no stairs

Katherine Krueger [1:59 PM] im gonna run away to greece

aleks [2:00 PM] Mamma Mia

Katherine Krueger [2:00 PM] WITH THE RICH PEOPLE, CAITLIN



Jack Mirkinson [2:00 PM] and cher

Katherine Krueger [2:00 PM] lol

aleks [2:00 PM] [END CHAT]

*Among Mamma Mia! fans

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