Screenshot: Instagram/bexwolfe

So, there's this thing called "mamming," a new viral pose where women (and men) rest their breasts on everyday objects and then take a photograph for Instagram or Twitter. No, we are not making this up.

The goal? To acknowledge the awkwardness of having a mammogram performed, while bringing attention to the importance of early detection.

We've seen motorboating for breast cancer research, the popular #cockinasock hashtag for a UK cancer fund, and of course #planking and #owling for…well, just for fun. Now we can add #mamming into that list.

The trend is the brain child of friends Michelle Jaret and Michelle Lamont, the latter being a breast cancer survivor.


“We wanted to do something that focused on the woman as being responsible for her breasts and her health,” said Lamont, 25. “Overall, we hope that mamming reminds women to get screened, and maybe makes them feel a little less awkward about putting their boobs in the mammogram machine. We love seeing people get really creative.”

For the unfamiliar, a mammogram is an x-ray of the breast and is either a screening or a diagnostic procedure. It involves placing your breasts in between two panels that basically squish them. It doesn't really hurt, but it's rather uncomfortable. It's also incredibly awkward, which is something that is conveyed in many of the #mamming photos.

While there is disagreement about the need for mammograms–particularly for older women–it's often considered to be the best way to detect breast cancer after an abnormal clinical breast exam.


Though some feel that this campaign and others like it are offensive, some breast cancer survivors disagree.

"I love [campaigns] like this one," Cynthia Lopez, a 25-year-old breast cancer survivor and mother of six, told Fusion. "Not only is this one funny, but I believe it helps out the younger crowd. I'm sure the older ladies find it offensive, but it's useful knowledge. Some men and women don't have a mammogram because they don't want people touching them. But I'm all for it if means living. I don't agree with waiting until you're 40 to have a mammogram, because I could had been diagnosed with terminal breast cancer had I waited. I knew a high school student who detected a lump and the doctors didn't do anything about it. She passed away at only 19-years-old from breast cancer. I say kudos to those creating these viral videos and photo campaigns. They're touching, and saving the lives of others."

And so, without further ado, below are some of the better examples of #mamming we've found:

You can do it on a wooden surface.


You can do it on your arm.

You can do it with your friend. Or, girlfriend.


You can do it with your friend over two goats. (Gosh, that sounds horrible!)

You can do it in a sweater.


You can do it if you're a guy at a restaurant.

You can do it while reaping' your favorite city or baseball team.


You can do it on a shiny surface. (Is that a piano top?)

You can do it inside of a picture frame.


You can do it even if you're a dog wearing a costume.

The more unique, the better. You can contribute your own here.