Man arrested for breaking into home he says he co-owns with Mariah Carey

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If you should ever be accused of a crime, don't bother calling a lawyer — simply invoke the holy name of Mariah Carey and all will be well.


On Sunday, police discovered Jason Lowell James dancing and drinking alone in a unoccupied house. The 35-year-old resident of Manatee, Florida (was there ever any doubt in your mind that this man is from Florida?) explained that, no, he hadn't technically broken into the $1.9 million property, because, duh, he shares it with Mariah Carey.

Shockingly, the officers on the scene didn't believe him, and Lowell was arrested. If true, his story would certainly cast a different light on the pop star's divorce from Nick Cannon.

Carey reacted to the news on Twitter.

"Lol…wtf [crying emoji]" is exactly how this makes us feel, too.

Reports haven't specified what "loud music" James was grooving to, but our money's on The Emancipation of Mimi.


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