Man asked a lady for directions, but then he just started licking her hand

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Picture it: a woman embarks on a bike ride. It's a leisurely ride through Farmington Hills, Michigan (median family income: $93,136). The sun's out, it's warm, the air is fresh, the possibility is in the air. And everywhere.

Oh, look, a silver car! Why is a man driving up to the woman? Is he asking for directions? Okay, that's fine, the man is probably lost here, in Farmington Hills, Michigan. She walks up to the car.

"What's the directions, good lass?" he might say.

"Here's the directions," she says.

"Thanks," he says, and extends his hand in friendship. She extends her hand, as well, and then he strikes. With his tongue. He licks her hand. This is no longer a leisurely bike ride. Via ABC 7 in Detroit:

He grabbed her hand and began to kiss and lick it.

The woman told police when she pulled away, the man pulled in closer and offered to give her $200 for a kiss.


Mission accomplished.

Michael Rosen is a reporter for Fusion based out of Oakland.

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