Man charged for mowing down bald eagles with his truck

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Twenty-eight-year old and Dennis C. Thompson allegedly ran over a bunch of bald eagles in Alaska on Thursday, killing two and injuring a few more. From NBC's KTUU in Alaska:

When police arrived on the gravel road that leads to a landfill, where the incident occurred around 9:30 p.m., two birds were already dead and a couple others sat nearby struggling to fly.

The dead birds were bagged up and removed from the road, and the ones with apparent injuries managed to get away, Unalaska police chief Jamie Sunderland said.

Megan Peters, spokesman of the Alaska State Troopers, told Alaska Dispatch News that the eagles were hanging out near the landfill at the time of the alleged crime. "The eagles were feeding and the person in the truck plowed through them and kept going," she said.

According to KTUU, Thompson was cited for "using a motorized vehicle to harass or molest game." I spoke with Peters, who told me the charge was actually an "illegal take of game," but also said that any charge along the lines of the famous "Bald and Gold Eagle Protection Act"—a law that fines anyone heavily who injures, captures, or kills these birds—would take place at the federal level with the Department of Fish and Wildlife Services.


Efforts to contact Fish and Wildlife Services were unsuccessful; we'll update if we hear anything back.

Michael Rosen is a reporter for Fusion based out of Oakland.

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