NBC / Saturday Night Live
NBC / Saturday Night Live

The Rock is having a great week. He hosted Saturday Night Live and he performed in Wrestlemania — and Furious 7 comes out this Friday. Is there anything this giant, racially-ambiguous, charming babe can't do? Here's why he's our #MCM:

He's funny


This past weekend's SNL was a stand-out for the season. The show opened strong with Jay Pharoah's Obama impression lending itself to an enraged Hulk-Obama named The Rock Obama. The scene was hilarious, and the laughs didn't stop there. Our sweet darling Dwayne made an incredibly hunky Indiana Jones and then proceeded to be simultaneously cute and terrifying in a live-action Disney spoof of Bambi:

He doesn't forget his roots


I'm ashamed to say I wasn't all that aware that wrestling had made a comeback from its 80s/90s heyday and subsequent fall in the early 2000s. I found out WWE is super huge on Twitter and the blogosphere during Wrestlemania last night, where fans were incredibly stoked to smell what "The Rock" was cooking (and to view his beautiful biceps, presumably). Cue me spending the next few weeks Googling old wrestling moves and learning who the players are these days…

He's a mama's boy


One of my favorite bits of trivia about The Rock is that he bought his mother a Cadillac Escalade for Christmas in 2012. What a sweetheart! 😍 Seeing posts like this just confirms that sometimes the right people in the world find success.

The fact that this picture exists at all


Enough. Said.

Images via Huffington Post, The Rock's Facebook, and NBC/SNL

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