The man killed by Los Angeles County sheriff's deputies as he crawled away from them was identified on Sunday as 28-year-old Nicholas Robertson.

Robertson's killing was captured on video. In the footage, the officers shoot him and then continue to shoot as he is crawling away.


In a statement, the L.A. County Sheriff's Department claimed that Robertson had been armed, ignored orders to drop his weapon and pointed the gun at the deputies.

WARNING: the video is graphic.

Local station KTLA said that Robertson, who was black, was a married father of three, and that at least 30 shots could be heard in the video.


Robertson's family decried the killing, as station KCAL reported:

“They shot him in his shoulder, and he was crawling to this gas station,” said Pamela Brown, Robertson’s son-in-law.

She doesn’t believe Robertson had a gun and she doesn’t understand why deputies fired so many rounds.

“He left three kids behind,” she said, “Two daughters and a son. What?? They could have Tased him. Or anything.”

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