Man Featured on Homepage of Trump-Themed Dating Site Reportedly Convicted of Having Sex With Child

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This year, a dating site called Trump.Dating was created specifically for supporters of Donald Trump—think of it as the safe space from other, I guess, uh, liberal dating apps.

But on Tuesday, the site ran into a bit of a problem: according to North Carolina’s WRAL, the man who was featured as one half of the poster couple for Trump lonely hearts, William Barrett Riddleberger, had a felony conviction in 1995 for filming himself having sex with a 15-year-old. (Riddleberger was 25 at the time.)

The site now features a different, but also very white, couple:


It seems pretty much in line for a Trump-themed dating site to vet whether or not its users are straight, but not if men featured on the site were convicted of child sex crimes—a cause that’s for months been a nearly constant obsession among far-right Trump supporters on the internet.