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If you’re the president people are gonna disagree with you, sure, but if 1,500 economists including many in your own party send you a letter telling you you’re an idiot, then brother—you gotta know you’re an idiot.

I’m not talking about a few economists who have opposite beliefs from you telling you that your policies are bad because they don’t line up with their beliefs. I’m talking about 1,470 professional economists ranging from those who would prefer state socialism to those who would prefer corporate autocracy sending you an open letter pointing out that, hey, we may not agree on much over here, but we can all agree that immigration is a net benefit to this country.


Get it—idiot?

Imagine being such a dysfunctional fucking xenophobic simpleton that your knuckleheaded policies compel even Republican economists to send you a letter saying “we write to express our broad consensus that immigration is one of America’s significant competitive advantages in the global economy... the benefits that immigration brings to society far outweigh their costs,” as if they were speaking to a toddler who has just picked up a dirty penny and asked mommy what money is. No matter how much of a narcissist you might be, I’m fairly certain that a letter signed by everyone from Austan Goolsbee to Neil Hubbard to Phil Fucking Gramm explaining to you in a tone usually reserved for middle school textbooks that it is a bad idea to wipe out immigration because good things come from it must make you realize, at least for a fleeting moment, that you are a god damn world class ignoramus unfit to be assistant manager at a worn-out local putt putt golf course, much less in charge of the political and economic policy of an entire nation.

Good lord, you have to be a stone cold incompetent blockhead who’s endangering all of us to prompt such a wide array of people to produce such a thing in the first place. What the hell, man?

Learn some shit!

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