Man named 'Fine Ass' convinces Facebook to unblock his account

This image was removed due to legal reasons.

An Argentine man named Guido Culasso, whose surname is a homonym for “Fine Ass,” has successfully waged a social media campaign against Facebook administrators after his account was blocked for violating the site’s terms and conditions.


“It looks like that name violates our name standards,” Facebook informed Culasso upon suspending his account on January 12. But Culasso didn't just sit on his culazo; he took his case to the court of public opinion and launched a social media campaign to pressure Facebook to reinstate his account.

His complaint went viral. Facebook admins took notice and asked Culasso to provide official documentation to verify his name. Twenty-four hours later, his account was reinstated.

“Case closed. Apparently Facebook understood someone can be named Culasso and reinstated my account. End!” he tweeted.


Culasso, however, said he continues to have daily issues with his name on other social media platforms. He said that in order to upload his picture to his Twitter account he had to change the name from culasso.png to lastname.png.

That's a pain in the…well…you know.