Man These Republicans Questioning Mueller Are Just Out of Their Minds

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Republicans appear to have landed on a method for dealing with Robert Mueller during his testimony before Congress: SHOUTING A LOT CAN YOU HEAR THEM SCREAMING???

Here is Louie Gohmert, one of the top maniacs in America, talking to Mueller. Wait did I say talking? It was basically this: AHHHHHHHH FUCK YOU AHHHHHHHHH CONSPIRACY THE PRESIDENT I HATE EVERYTHING.


And here is Jim Jordan, who was even more unhinged. Who knew that was even possible. What weirdo conspiracy is Jordan ABSOLUTELY HOLLERING HIS HEAD OFF ABOUT? I am so not the person to answer this question. Look at this guy!


What in the what in the what. It’s all a good reminder that Republican congressmen are usually just loudmouthed idiots consuming rancid media all day and letting it turn their brains into complete stew.