Man This Shit's Lame

This image was removed due to legal reasons.

Today is Friday and two fish at the bottom of the barrel have decided to starting smacking their fins at one another, for some reason I couldn’t care to find out. One fish is named Andrew Yang, the other Michael Bennet. Neither fish is going to be the president, don’t worry. But god, was it dumb.

This is how my newly discovered death wish started.


Eleven minutes later, Bennet picked up the ball. I start dreaming up various ways to go.

Something that won’t hurt though. Giant explosion seems like a pretty rad way to go; maybe leaping from a high-altitude plane sans parachute. But I digress. Back to the stupidity:




It’s perhaps worth saying that this “joke” appears to be a take on Cory Booker and Joe Biden’s starting a feud ahead of them sharing a debate stage next week.

But when I typed in “Michael” to tag this post, Bennett’s name doesn’t even crack the top-four suggested Michaels. This is the end of the blog.

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