Man who jumped the White House fence wearing an American flag: 'Let's do this'

This image was removed due to legal reasons.

What's do you say when you're moments away from being tackled by Secret Service agents on the White House lawn? What else but, "Let's do this."


Those were reportedly the last words of a man draped in an American flag before he jumped the White House fence Thanksgiving temporarily causing a security lockdown at the executive mansion.

Joseph Caputo managed to scale the fence along the White House's North Lawn at 2:45 p.m. local time Thursday and was immediately stopped and arrested, according to the Secret Service.

Vanessa Peña, an intern in D.C., was outside the fence and managed to capture a few photos of Caputo as he vaulted over a barricade and then the fence itself.

"We were just standing there and the man came up behind us," Peña said to CNN. "I heard him take a deep breath and say, 'All right, let's do this.'"


Peña told the Washington Post that Caputo immediately got on his knees and put his hands up after landing on the other side, and was arrested shortly after.

Caputo did not appear to be deterred by the fence, which over the summer was upgraded with sharper spikes after a series of security breaches, which brought increased scrutiny upon the Secret Service.


Of course, Caputo is not the first person to say, "Let's do this," before embarking on an exciting and fraught venture on Capitol Hill.


Ryan's tweet was probably more successful in the long-run than Caputo's dash for glory. But it still would've looked cooler with an American flag on his shoulders.