Screenshot of Mark “Chris” Sevier from Youtube

Every once in a while a story crosses your plate that confounds you with all its layers. This is one of those onion-like marvels that we need to savor slowly and deliberately. It’s the tale of Mark “Chris” Sevier, a Christian EDM producer and anti-LGBTQ crusader who is now suing 4 members of Congress for displaying Pride flags because they promote, in his words, “obscenity and sexual exploitation.”


Sevier filed a 38-page complaint to a DC federal court. The suit asks Representatives Susan Davis, Alan Lowenthal, Don Beyer, and Earl Blumenauer to take down the Pride flags outside their office.

It also asserts that displaying the flags is “unconstitutional.” From the suit (emphasis mine):

the Plaintiff respectfully moves the Court to declare that “homosexuality” and other forms of self-asserted sex-based identity narratives are a “religion,” that homosexuality is not predicated on “immutability,” like race is, and that the State and Federal government cannot legally recognize self-asserted sex-based identity narratives without expressly violating the First Amendment Establishment Clause


One section even asserts that Sevier is “offended and injured” by a welcome sign. Seriously:

[Sevier] remains offended and injured by the placement of the Gay Pride Rainbow Flag that was wrongfully installed by the Defendants in the public hallways, next to the American flag, and by the “welcome” sign in Federal legislative buildings


Sevier is suing for a mere $1 worth of damages, and for the representatives to take down their flags. He also asked the federal court to overturn a couple of major Supreme Court decisions, including the landmark 2015 ruling that gave same-sex couples the right to marry.

It turns out Sevier, a former prosecutor (!!!) and Iraq War vet, has a thing for bizarre lawsuits.


He was the subject of this Daily Beast piece because he once sued the state of Florida for the right to marry his “porn-filled Apple computer.” When that suit was rejected, Sevier brought a similar suit to a Texas court.

From the Daily Beast:

But Sevier, who has said that “the Constitution is being hijacked” by same-sex marriage, does not seem to actually be in love with his computer. The EDM artist has a long history of bogus legal actions designed to undermine marriage equality.

He also has a lengthy arrest record, including a 2013 aggravated stalking charge for—among other things—allegedly sending what the Associated Presscould only describe as “a half-naked picture of himself draped in an American flag and covered in a substance that represented blood” to country music singer John Rich.


Screenshot from Youtube

If you want to see Sevier explain that incident with the chyron “stalking suspect” underneath, you can!

He’s also sued Apple over the laptop he wanted to marry, claiming that the computer was sold to him, in his words, “without any warning of the damage that pornography causes.”


Rep. Susan Davis, for her part, says the flag is staying up.