Man Wins Lottery a Day After His Wife Dies

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Bad news: your wife dies. Good news: You win the lottery the next day. Something tells me Alanis Morissette would really do think that this is ironic even though it's not.


Though pot may be legal in Washington, it's still a federal offense, and therefore it is off limits to military stationed in the state.

Swedish town plans to move two miles east because of a slowly collapsing mine:

Frozen has become the highest grossest animated film of all time, surpassing Toy Story 3.

GIF Break! The true Karate Kid:

This image was removed due to legal reasons.

Rich white man rapes his 3-year-old daughter, gets rehab because judge doesn't think he'd fare well in prison.

Professor spent an entire semester teaching the wrong class at a community college because Texas.


In the U.K., not loving your children can land you in prison.

Trying to fly on the cheap? Never book a flight on Sundays.

Why it sucks being an actor that's part of The Avengers franchises.

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