Manafort Jurors Beg Judge For Sweet Release

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High-profile criminal case jurors—they’re just like us!

As deliberations into former Trump campaign head Paul Manafort’s criminal case (his first of two) extend into their second day on Friday, at least one juror on the case has reportedly requested to be let out early before the weekend begins, to which I say: Same, my dude. Extremely same.


According to courtroom witnesses, the unnamed juror (Judge T.S. Ellis has pointedly refused to release information about the jury citing “threats” made against him) delivered a note to Ellis, explaining that they have an unspecified “event” this evening, so can they please all just pack up and head home at 5pm.

Justice, it turns out, is both blind and kinda busy.

While it remains to be seen whether Judge Ellis will actually grant the juror’s request for a summer Friday (and come to think of it, why the hell aren’t they sequestered in the first place?) he did note that he was “surprised” the criminal prosecution of the president of the United States’ former campaign manager as part of a far reaching investigation into Russian tampering in the 2016 election would “arouse such interest” amongst the public. Golly, what a shocker!


Somewhat relatedly: I have passed a note to my editor notifying him that I, too, have an unspecified “event” tonight, and may I please go home early, as well. Fingers crossed, folks!

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