Man's Search for a Wife Includes White House Trespassing Arrest, 2 Bottles of Crown Royal

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Donald Trump has had three wives, which, to a certain kind of person, may seem like an indication that he is good at finding wives. Take this Canadian man, for instance, who tried to gain access to the White House just after midnight on Wednesday morning while brandishing two bottles of whiskey, hoping to get the president’s help in finding a wife.


He was, of course, not successful.

The man, identified as Yianny Georgopoulos in arrest reports, was arrested after “physically moving a security barrier” blocking a restricted area of the White House grounds. In an interview with authorities after his arrest, Georgopoulos said that he “wanted help from the president to find a wife” and admitted to stalking his cousin and “threatening family members” back in Canada.

There are a few problems with this plan, the primary one being that while the offering of Crown Royal is nice and all, Trump doesn’t drink. Also, the Secret Service doesn’t usually like people trying to just stop by and say hi to the president.

Other than that, it might have worked—Trump would absolutely love to tell this dude the secret to marrying women that almost undoubtedly hate you. Maybe just write a letter next time though!

Contributing Writer, Splinter