Many Democratic Voters Apparently No Longer Want to Impeach Trump

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Our wet idiot president is just as bad today as he was at every other time in his presidency, if not worse. And yet, according to a new poll from CNN, support for impeaching the president has dropped considerably among Democrats since December. The drop is attributed to changing attitudes from top Democrats like Nancy Pelosi, who has come out against impeachment in recent days.

The poll, conducted by market research firm SSRS, found that support for impeachment among all Americans has fallen from 43 percent in December to 36 percent now. Most of that drop is among Democrats, whose support for impeachment has dropped by 12 points, from 80 percent to 68 percent, over that period. Support for impeachment among Republicans and Independents has fallen only 3 points.

Weirdly, college-educated people saw the biggest drop, from 50 percent support among college grads in December to 35 percent now.


Pelosi has spoken repeatedly to the press about her anti-impeachment stance, a confusing one for the leader of a party that so clearly supported the idea as recently as December. She’s said, among other things, that impeachment is a bad idea because it would be “so divisive to the country.”

Other Democrats have maintained their support for impeachment—let’s not forget that Rep. Rashida Tlaib’s famous comment about “impeaching the motherfucker” was made just in January. But Representatives including Al Green of Texas have said this month that they still are gunning for impeachment.


“This is not about the speaker. It wasn’t about the speaker before she became speaker, and it’s not about the speaker now,” Green said at a news conference last week.

“It’s not about any one person—it’s really not even about the president as much as it is about what he’s doing,” Green added. “It’s about his behavior that is harmful to society.”


And of course Trump-obsessive Rep. Adam Schiff is still carrying the torch for impeachment.

“We’ve already seen deeply-concerning evidence of the president’s lack of fitness for well as evidence of criminality on the part of the president [related to] the direction and coordination of an illegal campaign finance scheme,” Schiff said at a Christian Science Monitor breakfast. “I see little to be gained by putting the country through that kind of wrenching experience...the only thing worse than putting the country through the trauma of an impeachment is putting the country through the trauma of a failed impeachment.”


Other spectators, like billionaire Tom Steyer, have been disappointed by Pelosi’s comments.

“I felt she was rushing to judgment without all the information being in,” Steyer, who has spent millions to push for impeaching the president, told USA Today. “She was, in effect, handing a veto to all the Republicans in terms of holding Mr. Trump to account.”