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Marco Rubio, who has lost nearly every presidential primary so far in the 2016 election, continued to lose on Saturday.

Republicans in Louisiana, Kentucky, Kansas and Maine voted, and they all chose to back people other than Marco Rubio. He lost by 20 to 30 points in each state.

Ted Cruz, who won in Kansas and Maine, and Donald Trump, who won in Louisiana and Kentucky, both called on Rubio to drop out and let them fight each other.

"Marco Rubio had a very, very bad night and personally I’d call for him to drop out of the race," Trump declared. "I think it’s probably time."


"As long as the field remains divided, it gives Donald an advantage," Cruz pointedly said.

For his part, Rubio gave another one of his improbably optimistic losing victory speeches. From Politico:

"We’re going to win Florida, and you’ll find out on March 15 how confident we are,” Rubio said, in Spanish, to supporters in San Juan, Puerto Rico, which holds its primary on Sunday. “Tonight we will have more delegates than we did last night,” Rubio promised. “This map only gets better for us."


Rubio is hoping for a victory in Puerto Rico, but if he loses there, he'd probably say that was cool with him. His campaign is now counting on a victory in the Florida primary to save itself.