Marco Rubio Is Extremely Not Sorry for Sharing That Hoaxed Ilhan Omar Video

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What is there to say about Florida Sen. Marco Rubio that isn’t readily apparent to anyone who’s followed his decidedly underwhelming career? He’s a simpering dipshit and dedicated bootlicker, whose sole usefulness seems to be tweeting bible verses and getting yelled at for being terrible—qualities that were all on proud display over the past 24 hours as Rubio bravely defended his decision to share an obviously doctored video of Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar designed to make it look like she hates “white men.”

Responding to a Washington Post article suggesting he’d had been “duped” into tweeting the heavily edited footage from a 2018 interview in which Omar correctly pointed out that white supremacy is the leading cause of terrorism in the U.S., Marco turned full corncob, insisting this was all part of his master plan to point out, uh, media hypocrisy, or something?


Then he did it again.

As a reminder, Omar herself used the very real, growing radicalization of white men in her full, unedited interview to point out the same GOP hypocrisy Rubio himself is now so eager to embody.

Marco, my man, just take the L. You did a bad thing and got caught. Trying to pretend that this is all part of your carefully constructed booby trap to own the libs is just pathetic at this point, and no amount of sanctimonious Bible thumping—which, of course, is what Rubio did this morning—is going to change that.


Still, by now the damage is done: Rubio has amplified and endorsed this latest, transparently bigoted attempt to smear Omar as racist, and it’s clear no one on the right gives enough of a damn to do anything about it. So give yourself a pat on the back, Marco. Treat yourself to a nice glass of water and keep doing what you do best: losing.

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