Marco Rubio really running with the whole Hillary-Clinton-has-a-time-machine thing

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Earlier this week, Florida Senator and Republican presidential candidate Marco Rubio accused Democratic contender Hillary Clinton of inventing a time machine. On its face, figuring out how to time travel is a pretty remarkable accomplishment. But here's Rubio's quibble: Clinton's unprecedented breakthrough in space and time only goes in one direction: "to yesterday."

"The race for the future will never be won by going backward. It will never be won by hopping in Hillary Clinton's time machine to yesterday," Rubio told a crowd in Chicago. "She seems to believe pumping more of today's money into yesterday's programs will bring prosperity tomorrow."

It seems that Rubio might make Clinton's highly advanced, if unidirectional, scientific discovery a thing this campaign. On Wednesday evening, the candidate's Instagram account reimagined Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure—a movie about two teenage slackers who go back in time and whose band, Wyld Stallions, literally ends war and poverty forever—as a dig on Clinton and her feat of physics:


But if the message here is: "I am young and cool and not stuck in the past," Rubio's communications team might want to update its references with something a little more recent than 1989. My humble suggestion for next time: Hillary Clinton's Hot Tub Time Machine—To Yesterday.

Rubio's team did not respond to Fusion's request for comment on time travel.

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