Marianne Williamson Compares Her Plight to Migrants at the Border

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Marianne Williamson’s Tuesday chat at the New York-based women’s co-working space The Wing went just about as well as expected, with the Democratic presidential candidate and author somehow comparing her treatment in the race to the way President Donald Trump is treating migrants at the border.


As The Cut reported, Williamson didn’t get into much policy in her conversation with journalist Amy Chozick, except for vowing to create Departments of Peace and of Children and Youth as president. Then things went awry, per the site (emphasis mine):

Marianne Williamson is comparing herself to a migrant. Specifically, to one of the thousands of people currently waiting at the U.S.-Mexico border, detained there in concentration camps. She is saying her dismissal as a serious presidential contender by what she calls the “political media–industrial complex,” which has given her “the idea that you’re not one of us so you don’t belong hereHow is that any different than what Trump is saying about people at the border?”

Chozick reportedly took issue with Williamson’s assertion that her running for president is somehow similar to vulnerable migrants fleeing their homes, and so the health guru insisted that’s not what she just said. From The Cut again (emphasis mine):

Interviewing Williamson at The Wing was journalist Amy Chozick, who called Williamson’s reference to the plight of asylum seekers, when discussing being shutout by MSNBC and CNN, “extreme.”

“Don’t put words in my mouth, there was no comparison to the border,” Williamson says. “I’m talking about a mind-set of exclusion. Okay? …That’s where everything comes from, just these thoughts … I actually don’t think it’s extreme at all.”

There were already many reasons to treat Williamson as the time-sensitive meme she is. She’s called (and walked back calling) vaccines “draconian and Orwellian.” Her ideology threatens people with physical and mental disabilities. So while Williamson’s latest off-the-wall remarks are a new brand of offensive, they certainly won’t be the last we hear from her.

Splinter Staff Writer, Texan