Mark Cuban spent the last night of the RNC brutally trolling Donald Trump

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If there's one thing entrepreneur and business tycoon Mark Cuban seems to love, it's being fabulously wealthy.

But if there's another thing Mark Cuban seems to love, it's trolling the absolute bejeezus out of fellow billionaire Donald Trump.

With Trump making headlines all week thanks to the apocalyptic three-ring circus that was the Republican National Convention, Cuban's been on top of his game, dragging Trump on TV, in the press, and on Twitter to his over five million followers.


When Trump took the stage Thursday night to accept his party's nomination Cuban was ready, skewering the candidate's keynote address in real time for poor delivery:

Gloomy optics:

Sub-par campaigning:

And generally being a sleaze:

But Cuban's harshest burn came in an apologetic aside to the world beyond the borders of the United States.

As Cuban explained to Stephen Colbert during a recent taping of "The Late Show," he wasn't always so critical of Trump's candidacy.


"At the beginning, he was a businessperson," Cuban said. "I wanted to see a change from the traditional politician, but then he went and opened his mouth."

Which isn't to say the tech billionaire and "Shark Tank" judge is fully #withher, either. On Friday morning Cuban took to Twitter once again, this time critiquing the Clinton campaign for an complex, underwhelming style.

1) Those of us who don't want @realDonaldTrump to be POTUS have to be brutally honest with @HillaryClinton and her campaign

— Mark Cuban (@mcuban) July 22, 2016

2) @HillaryClinton marketing of herself is awful. It's straight out of 1995. It's not newsfeed or social media literate at all.

— Mark Cuban (@mcuban) July 22, 2016

3) her opponents have spent years dehumanizing @HillaryClinton. She is the devil and a criminal to them. The only way to combat that is to

— Mark Cuban (@mcuban) July 22, 2016

3a) She needs to go into enemy territory and do 5 interviews a day on @FoxNews That's the only way to become a real person to trump fans

— Mark Cuban (@mcuban) July 22, 2016

4) trump won't kiss babies and shake hands. He won't sit down with small business and offer help. You can connect by doing both

— Mark Cuban (@mcuban) July 22, 2016

He even offered a measure of faint praise for Trump, if not for substance, at least for style.

5) @realDonaldTrump has done a better job using real people, non politicians as surrogates. @HillaryClinton has failed in this area.

— Mark Cuban (@mcuban) July 22, 2016

6) @HillaryClinton needs to find as many social media influencers and real people to use their platforms and tv to connect to the undecided

— Mark Cuban (@mcuban) July 22, 2016

Ultimately, Cuban identified what is perhaps one of the most difficult elements of any election—the need to showcase a candidate's own strengths, rather than highlight their opponent's weakness.

7) winning this election is not about Trump Its about @HillaryClinton ability to become a real person who voters trust to lead this country

— Mark Cuban (@mcuban) July 22, 2016

Like Trump, Cuban has also flirted with the idea of an eventual pivot from business to politics, in May admitting to "Meet the Press" host Chuck Todd that "it's certainly more of a consideration than it was."

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