Mark Sanford Wants to Be President, but Maybe His Children Will Save Him

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Republican politician Mark Sanford wants to be relevant again. And the only way ousted Republicans can be relevant without bootlicking is by attempting to challenge President Donald Trump.

During an appearance on Meet The Press on Sunday, Sanford was asked by Chuck Todd if running for president was “a vanity project,” which I guess is a good of a question as any.


“Absolutely not,” Sanford replied. (This is totally a vanity project.)

The idea of going out and possibly being a human piñata is hardly a vanity project,” Sanford said. “I’d say no, but it is a project on behalf of my four sons. The route that we’re going right now, not only has implications for the Republican Party going forward.”


Then he talked about the deficit, which is a snore, but he did mention that young people are having a harder time building wealth over time. (Isn’t it funny when they walk right up to the problem but don’t quite get there?)

The discussion about running for president apparently started after Sanford lost his primary race South Carolina’s 1st Congressional District to Katie Arrington by about 3,000 votes. Arrington went to lose to now-Rep. Joe Cunningham (D-SC) by about 4,000 votes.


Sanford said on television that a friend told him that “God cleared your calendar” to primary the president. I cannot imagine doing something less in your children’s best interest than putting up your — what Todd called — “personal foibles” to Trump, the least subtle man in politics.


For those who need a refresher: Ten years ago this summer, then Gov. Sanford retuned to South Carolina after supposedly hiking the Appalachian Trail. It turns out what he was actually doing was having an affair and going to Argentina to visit the person with whom he was having an affair. While Sanford managed to finish his second term as governor and won a congressional seat for a few terms, can you imagine what Trump would do with this? Why would you subject your family to this? Does he not remember the rude shit Trump said about Heidi Cruz that her husband just ~let go~?!

Trump, famous for his demure manner, will definitely not bring up this painful period in your family’s history at a campaign rally and give you a dumb nickname that will be associated with you on a national level, no sir! Just vote for a Democrat and be done with it, my god.