The A-Force is coming!

Marvel just announced that they're developing an Avengers comic book team consisting of all women. Writer G. Willow Wilson, who currently writes Ms. Marvel, said in a press release that the new series will feature She-Hulk, Dazzler, Medusa, Nico Minoru, and other fan favorites.

There's no word yet on which artists might be involved, but let's cross our fingers for at least one who knows how boobs really work in relation to gravity.

Marvel is slowly changing the tide of the comics landscape dominated by white male characters. Captain Marvel, written by Kelly Sue DeConnick, has been such a runaway hit that she's getting her own movie in 2018. In the past few years Marvel has faced backlash for reinventing Spider-Man as a young Hispanic boy (Miles Morales), and there was predictable furor when they announced the female Thor. I'm glad to see Marvel ignoring the dull outcry and moving into a future where people of color and women get to be heroes, too.


The A-Force will be in stores in May — add it to your pull list!

Danielle Henderson is a lapsed academic, heavy metal karaoke machine, and culture editor at Fusion. She enjoys thinking about how race, gender, and sexuality shape our cultural narratives, but not in a boring way.