Reanimated kewpie dolls Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen have a fashion line, The Row, and will open its first New York City-based store on East 71st Street before the end of the year. Occupying a full (town)house (ūüėČ), the location is bound¬†to be filled with prohibitively¬†priced gargantuan clothing. Just look at the label's collection from last fall:


Why are their clothes so big if they're so small???

The twins, who have all but given up on their deliciously bad film careers to spend their billions on designing normcore garments big enough to full house a small family, showed their fall 2013 collection in an UES townhouse, which just might have been the inspiration for the new store.


Who wants to pull their money with me to buy a $1,000+ t-shirt? Have Mercy…

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