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People like lists and order, but not everyone agrees on what should go at the top of the list. Ten movie critics each picked a different movie to sit atop his or her "best of 2013" list, and as we know there are many. So, what's one more best of best of list?

But this one comes with a catch. See if you can match the movie reviewer/publication with its "best" movie of the year.

Below is the list of critics, and below that are the movie trailers for your viewing pleasure.

To reveal the matches, click on the links or check out the answer key below.

Movie Critics

Top Movies of 2013

1. 12 Years A Slave


2. Before Midnight

3. Her


4. Philomena

5. Inside Llewyn Davis


6. Short Term 12

7. Gravity


8. The Act of Killing

9. After Earth


10. American Hustle

Click here for the answers.

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