Matt Whitaker Doesn't Want You to See His Tweets About Taco John's Now That He's Attorney General

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Matthew Whitaker, who’s acting attorney general now that Jeff Sessions has resigned, is a pretty good Twitter follow. Or so I’ve heard, because unfortunately I don’t follow him. And now I can’t, because Whitaker took his account private on Friday afternoon.

This is too bad, because Whitaker has some pretty great tweets. There was a lot of stuff about the Russia investigation, back when Whitaker was going on CNN being skeptical about Robert Mueller’s probe, and admiration for his hot wife. But I’m honestly just sad that I can’t link to this tweet about Taco John’s anymore:


Do you follow Matt Whitaker? If so, lucky you. Please screenshot the Taco John’s tweet and send it to me. You can see some of his tweets over on the Internet Archive.

I tried to follow Whitaker, but my request is pending. Will he accept it? Stay tuned. Right now, here’s what I can see.

A couple things: Wow, Crossfit. Crazy shit! I did Crossfit for a little while back in 2012 and it was kind of fun, but also scary, and there was a guy who looked a LOT like Whitaker at my gym. I don’t do Crossfit anymore.


Anyway, when Whitaker got appointed a lot of people—most of us here at Splinter included— were curious as to who he was.


Donald Trump, too, was very curious, despite the fact that he appointed him and also watched him on TV.


Here is what I am most curious about. On Dec. 30, 2009, Matt Whitaker claimed on Twitter to have just gotten the internet hooked up at his new law firm. I’m assuming that’s a reference to Whitaker Hagenow & Gustoff LLP, a small firm in Des Moines Iowa in 2009, which (now that Whitaker’s in the DOJ) now goes by Hagenow & Gustoff LLP. But here’s the rub: unless they’ve changed offices, Hagenow & Gustoff LLP isn’t near a Taco Johns.

Here’s Hagenow & Gustoff’s office now, in the middle of downtown Des Moines:


And here’s a map of Taco John’s locations in Des Moines. The star is Hagenow & Gustoff.


VERY CURIOUS. If you have information about a possible unknown Taco John’s location in Des Moines circa 2009, please email me at I need to get to the bottom of this story.

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