MAY THE BLUE WAVE DESTROY US ALL: Splinter's Big Fat Midterm Elections Live Blog

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Illustration: Jim Cooke (GMG)

Well, comrades, it’s finally here: Election Day 2018.

For two years we’ve suffered through all the racism, stupidity, and racist stupidity of the Trump administration while impatiently waiting for our next chance to have a say at the polls. Regular readers of this blog should have a pretty good idea where we stand, even if we’re not in fool’s business of making predictions about what will happen tonight.


Meanwhile, the bad man in the Oval Office has done everything he could in the run-up to today’s election to make the already Herculean task of participating in our dying democracy even worse: holding THREE sordid campaign rallies yesterday; trying to scare voters away from the polls; and weaponizing the migrant caravan in an effort to make old white people rush to vote.

There will be dizzying highs and crushing lows tonight, but hopefully only for our enemies. Join our team for the whole night as the returns come in for commentary, analysis, and, weather permitting, good, old-fashioned shit-talking.

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