Maybe Bill Clinton Should Sit This One Out

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Former President Bill Clinton probably shouldn’t weigh in on anything to do with the sexual assault allegations against Brett Kavanaugh, given, well, that he’s Bill Clinton.

Alas, why would Clinton miss an opportunity to seek revenge on Kavanaugh, who spent years going after him when he worked for independent counsel Ken Starr’s investigation into Clinton’s presidency?

Speaking at an appearance in Las Vegas on Sunday, Clinton criticized Kavanaugh for complaining about the way he was treated during his Senate judiciary confirmation hearings last year—not because Blasey Ford and other women symbolically needed to be heard, but because Kavanaugh had put Clinton himself through the ringer back when he was president.


According to conservative publication Washington Examiner, Clinton criticized Kavanaugh’s behavior after having thrown “nonsense” at Clinton during his time working for Starr. Clinton specifically brought up the suicide of Clinton’s childhood friend and one-time White House lawyer Vince Foster. Kavanaugh lead the probe into Foster’s death, and though it concluded that Foster committed suicide, Kavanaugh investigated and enabled conspiracy theories.

“He didn’t have any problem making us put up with three years of Vince Foster nonsense that was a total charade,” Clinton said at the appearance.

Yeah, perhaps not the best reason Clinton could have offered. I dunno, maybe he shouldn’t say anything at all. Just a thought!