Maybe Chill Out About Susan Sarandon

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I see it’s “hate Susan Sarandon” week on the internet again.

It happens like clockwork: some bad shit happens and someone randomly pulls Susan Sarandon out of the crowd to berate her for not supporting Hillary Clinton in 2016. This week, that person was longtime Hillaryworld VIP and platinum card member of the Too Online Club Neera Tanden:

And it went on from there.


Personally, I think it’s really fucking weird to be thinking about Susan Sarandon so constantly, but maybe that is just me.

Then Sarandon made the additional mistake of stumping for Bernie Sanders and appearing to subtweet Elizabeth Warren, who used to be a Republican.

And heeeeere come the pretzels, folks.


I could go on, there are so many more of these. Glad to see so many fellas showing how much they support women by calling this one an old hag who should go back into her cave. Nice going, allies.


Look, I understand that Susan Sarandon is not everyone’s cup of tea, but can I just gently suggest that she is not the reason that Donald Trump won the 2016 campaign, and she will probably not be the primary reason that he wins the 2020 campaign, if that unfortunate event were to occur? I get that hardcore Democrats are still feeling wounded from 2016. It was quite awful. But maybe, oh, I don’t know, the Hillary Clinton campaign was more responsible for Clinton’s loss than Susan Sarandon was? Maybe a lone celebrity had less to do with the outcome of 2016 than the entire apparatus of the Democratic and Republican parties combined? Just a thought.

Turning Susan Sarandon into a constant object of scorn is ultimately just really bizarre. She is not (sorry Susan) all that important. She’s literally one actress. She’s not even in politics. It never fails to amaze me how much displaced anger people shovel onto her. Move on, everyone!

Deputy Editor, Splinter

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