Maybe Donald Trump Jr. and Kellyanne Conway Should Sit the Eric Schneiderman Story Out

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Last night, New York Attorney General and supposed #MeToo male ally Eric Schneiderman resigned after a bombshell New Yorker report in which four women alleged he physically and psychologically terrorized them. Given that Schneiderman has been a strong opponent of Donald Trump, Trump’s camp is taking the opportunity to revel in his (completely merited) downfall in a pretty gross and petty way.


Between the ridiculous perversion of feminism employed by the White House to support CIA nominee and torturer Gina Haspel and this wholly disingenuous outrage about Schneiderman, people leading our country have been waging a nauseating campaign to portray themselves as the true friends of women.

Leading the charge was Kellyanne Conway, who went back to find an old Schneiderman tweet that called out Trump.


And then there was Donald Trump Jr., who truly went above and beyond in gleefully rubbing everyone’s face in the fact that a person who vowed to protect women has actually abused them.


As if anyone here could even delude themselves into thinking that either Kellyanne Conway or Donald Trump Jr. actually cares about women and/or survivors of abuse. After all, the White House covered for alleged abuser Rob Porter and officially endorsed alleged child molester Roy Moore. And, lest we forget, Donald Trump himself has been accused by over a dozen women of sexual assault and misconduct. Eric Schneiderman is a monster who should absolutely be held responsible for his criminal behavior, but once again the pettiness and hypocrisy of the White House is threatening to eclipse an important day for women and survivors of abuse.

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