Maybe Don't Invite Stephen Miller on Your Cable News Show

This image was removed due to legal reasons.

White House senior advisor and dick-voiced racist Stephen Miller wouldn’t answer any of Jake Tapper’s questions on this weekend’s State of the Union, so the CNN host abruptly ended the segment.


The pair kept arguing after the feed cut, according to a transcript of their exchange, published on Monday:

Tapper remained frustrated that Miller used his platform on CNN to flatter the president and push administration talking points rather than answer questions in good faith—an entirely predictable outcome since this is what Stephen Miller does in every interview.

A potential fix? Do not book Stephen Miller on your cable news shows.

Still unsure if you should book Stephen Miller on your cable news show? Please watch this video of me, Katie McDonough, reciting a poem I wrote about not inviting Stephen Miller on your cable news show:

The snek.

Senior editor, Jezebel