McDonald's France has created 280 Internet 'TV channels' showing the same dang burger

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To celebrate the return of its 280 Burger, so named because for weighing 280 grams (9.9 oz.), McDonald's France has created a website with 280 different voiceovers (which they're calling "TV channels") narrating a rotating picture of the burger (see above).

The "channels" include a tennis channel, an action movie channel, French and German porn channels, and a Texas Hold 'Em tournament channel.


You don't need to understand French to appreciate the lunacy of this project. Here's a taste.


France is McDonald's most successful country outside the U.S., so it's not entirely surprising that they'd invest in a campaign like this. According to, New York-based ad agency DDB is behind the project.

The burger, which comes on ciabatta bread, actually looks pretty good, so obviously it's not available in the U.S.

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