In its most high-profile bid to make itself a more health-conscious brand, McDonald's has begun offering a salad with noted superfood kale.

But Canada's CBC News reports that, when served with an accompanying Asiago Caesar dressing, the "Keep Calm, Caesar On" chicken salad has more calories (730) than a Double Big Mac (680), as well as more fat and sodium.

And its Greek salad, when served with Feta dressing, has the same calorie count as a Double Cheeseburger.

"Health-wise, I think it's fat and sodium overload," Toronto registered dietitian, Shauna Lindzon told the CBC.


McDonald's says customers can modify many menu items to make them healthier. "[They] have the choice to have a salad with or without dressing, select a burger without the bun, choose their chicken protein crispy or grilled," said spokesperson Adam Grachnik in an email to CBC News.

The CBC also reported that consuming a McDonald's oatmeal with brown sugar is equivalent to drinking a can of coke, according to nutritionists.


The chain's Fruit and Maple Oatmeal, which comes with maple brown sugar, is advertised on the company's site as "nutritious made delicious!"

But Lindzon said a can of Coke has close to the same total amount of sugar (39 grams) as the item.


"It's like drinking a can of pop's worth of sugar at breakfast," she said.

Grachnik noted that customers can eat the oatmeal without the brown sugar.

"You just have to ask the crew to reduce sodium, fat or calories to best suit the customers' needs," he said.


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