Meet Pancho, the Italian Yogi That Happens to be a Chihuahua


Who better to perform one of the most basic yoga positions, the "downward-facing dog" than an actual pooch? That must have been the reasoning behind an adorable series of videos we found on YouTube.

Meet Pancho, the Italian Chichuahua that likes to practice yoga.


Nic Bello, Pancho's 'fur-dad' (because we don't "own" our fur-babies…we care for them like children, amirate?), is an Italian commercial director. He created a YouTube channel to share fun videos about his adorable four-legged BFF.

Clearly Pancho understands the benefits of yoga. Here's the second video they did together:

And, he seems ready for a challenge as we can see in the third:


And, then there's the time Nic taught Pancho the command for "sit" in English, which was just as fun to watch.


We can't…

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