Meet the All-Male Group of GOP Demons Taking Over the Health Care Bill in the Senate

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Despite the fact that House Republicans already raced to party with Donald Trump in the Rose Garden after passing their health care bill on Thursday,the American Health Care Act isn’t actually a law yet. The Senate now gets to assume responsibility for this monstrosity.


Senate Republicans are not quite so giddy as their House counterparts. In fact, they’ve practically disowned the measure, opting to write their own version of the legislation from scratch.

On Friday,’s Dylan Scott reported that 12 Republican senators had been tasked with crafting the new measure. The party of old white men has offered some of its oldest, and whitest, men to take up the challenge. That number was later bumped up to 13.


They are:

Mitch McConnell, Orrin Hatch, Lamar Alexander, Mike Enzi, John Thune, Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, Tom Cotton, Cory Gardner, John Barrasso, John Cornyn, Pat Toomey, and Rob Portman.

While observers have noted that the Senate—typically the more measured, deliberate legislative body, whose members aren’t scrambling for reelection every two years—isn’t exactly a hospitable environment for Trumpcare, the lawmakers chosen should nevertheless give even the most optimistic person pause. Among other things, they include some of the staunchest anti-abortionists, Planned Parenthood opponents, and Violence Against Women Act critics the party has to offer.

While it’s unclear whether Senate Republicans can, or even truly want to, repeal Obamacare, their starting lineup for this round of the healthcare debate should tell you exactly where the GOP stands—and what the rest of us stand to lose, if they’re successful.

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