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Nabilla Bennatia, a reality star known as the French Kim Kardashian, was arrested this weekend for allegedly stabbing and attempting to murder her boyfriend, fellow TV star Thomas Vergara.

Nabilla, as she's known, is currently just a stone's throw away from the site of Kim and Kanye's historic Palace of Versailles wedding: in the women's prison down the street.


But who is she?

Much like her idol, Nabilla, 22, enjoys constant media presence in France, starring in a reality show titled Allô Nabilla (a.k.a, Hello Nabilla).


But her stardom skyrocketed when she said something dumb on TV and then it became a meme (see: Chicken of the Sea, That's HotMy Car is Dunzo).

Here she is on the red carpet at Cannes:


Here she is in a Miami Costco, making a dick joke about a massive jar of pickles and buying "something to put an iPod and have a big song," a.k.a a speaker (actually a good description tho).

She met Kim once:

This image was lost some time after publication.

And she modeled for Jean Paul Gaultier:


But who could imagine France's equivalent of our most iconic star could ever be accused of such a heinous crime?

Some Facts So Far

- Nabilla has changed her story three times so far, according to what she told police. Here are the different versions:

  1. She and her boyfriend were attacked by three people outside their hotel. Zero evidence backed this up; no surveillance footage or blood.
  2. Her boyfriend did a bunch of cocaine, went crazy and stabbed himself nearly to death.
  3. Her boyfriend, still coked out, hit her and made her fear for her life.

- She once said in an interview: “If I caught my dude cheating on me, I would stab him with a knife.”


- Her boyfriend ended up in the hospital in August after “falling on a kitchen knife” and injuring his lower back.

- She made this gesture during aforementioned Costco trip:


Nabilla is facing up to 30 years in prison. She and her lawyers have not yet commented on the charges — nor on Kim's Paper spread.

Alexandra DiPalma is a producer for Fusion Lightworks, Fusion’s In-house Branded Content Agency.

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