Meet the woman reenacting every Swedish Chef segment from The Muppet Show

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The Swedish chef—arguably the most recognizable non-animal character from The Muppet Show— has a legion of fans. They dress up as him for Halloween and have created tools to translate English into his very particular dialect.

Now, one woman is painstakingly recreating his work in real life.

Anastasia Kolobrodova is a devoted fan of the Swedish chef who is acting out the chef's various cooking videos in her home in Prague. She announced the series, appropriatey titled "Bork Bork Bork," on Twitter and MetaFilter back in late August.


She started out with Spaghetti:

She then moved onto Meatballs:

And Bubbly Bubbly (Champagne):

Now Kolobrodova is up to nine videos, the latest of which, "Spicy Sauce," was posted on October 4. (Kolobrodova went on vacation, but says she'll have more up soon). She describes utensil tossing as "the most fun(/most dangerous) part of this process," and answered a few other questions via email.

Fusion: Why'd you start making the videos?

Anastasia KolobrodovaI had just moved to Prague for work, and needed a creative outlet and also cooking inspiration. As the Swedish Chef is arguably one of the world's most accomplished chefs— not to mention a creative genius— it seemed only natural to turn to him to fill both needs.


Is there anything governing the order you re-enact the segments?
Availability of props! Do you know how hard it is to find a stuffed chicken in Prague? I failed. One of my friends visited me here recently, and I ended up using Amazon Prime to send the chicken to her house so that she could pack it in her luggage. Expect re-enactments of all of the chicken segments soon.

How do you get into the Swedish Chef mindset?
Drinking a glass of wine while looking at my IKEA furniture and chanting "bork" three times.

In at least one of the videos you seem to be speaking more fluent English than the Chef ever displays. Any reason for that?
I'm a flooent Ingleesh, Roosseeun, und Svedeesh-cheff speeker, sumeteemes I joost furget vheech lungooege-a I'm speekeeng, und ind up veet zee vrung oone-a. Bork bork bork!


Is there one you're particularly looking forward to making? 
The chocolate moose episode is my absolute favorite in Swedish Chef history — definitely that one, though at this point I have no idea where I'm going to get a moose.

Personally, I wish her luck in finding a Praguer moose.

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