Meghan McCain Asks Michelle Wolf the Worst Possible Question About Her WHCD Controversy

This image was removed due to legal reasons.

If there are two things in this world that just will not go away, it’s The View and the fallout from comedian Michelle Wolf’s White House Correspondent’s Dinner appearance last month, when everyone freaked out because Wolf did her job. Today these two things joined forces when Wolf appeared as a guest on The View.


Now, you may or may not remember that earlier this month (or maybe it was 40 years ago because what is time anymore), The View discussed Wolf’s WCHD bit, and Meghan McCain called it a “big gift to Trump supporters.” If you don’t remember, that’s fine, because McCain repeated the sentiment in person to Wolf.

“I actually said that I thought your stand-up routine was a gift to the Trump administration in that liberals were criticizing you as well,” she said. “The association is now saying that it’s considering having no comedians whatsoever in the future. How would you feel if you killed another comedian’s job?”

Excuse me, what? Of all the questions, killing another comedian’s job? The WHCD is one of the ritziest nights of the year, and the comedians who host (like Hasan Minhaj, Seth Meyers, Wanda Sykes, and Stephen Colbert) are not hard-pressed for work. Besides, a fancy night dedicated to letting reporters rub elbows with a white supremacist administration that constantly has journalism in its crosshairs is the real problem here.

At this point, McCain could have asked Wolf if she considers herself a feminist—a hackneyed softball question for celebrities, but still a better question than “How would you feel if you killed another comedian’s job?”

For her part, Wolf gave a great answer. “I mean, I don’t care,” she said. “It’s not like a great job…I don’t think it was a gift to Trump any more than every single news show—and I put that in quotes, ‘news’—is a gift to Trump.”