Meghan McCain Invites Co-Host to Throw Tomatoes in Spectacular Meltdown

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Is the View politics? Is the View entertainment? Is it akin to watching freshman-level improv at the community theater? The answer to all of those questions is yes. But sometimes, sometimes, the hosts grasp at self-awareness, making the show into its own meta-drama.


Today was one of those days. Meghan McCain got so fed up with the crew’s discussion about the government shutdown that she tried to goad her co-host Joy Behar into throwing tomatoes at her. Missed opportunity!!

While debating who’s most to blame for the ongoing shutdown, McCain waxed on about the Groundhog Day-esque nature of both her own show and our government. After quoting two Democrats who urged their side to bend to President Donald Trump’s demand for a border wall, McCain insisted both sides are to blame for the shutdown and that it “makes everyone look bad.”

After Behar reminded McCain that a majority of Americans blame the president for the shutdown, McCain tried to get a word in edgewise while Behar spoke over her, joking about how much she hated Trump.

“Really quick, really quick. I just want to ask one question. I know you hate Trump, I know you want him impeached, I got it,” McCain began. “I want to ask you a question—let’s not get a cheap applause line, because I would rather not be like the politicians in Congress. Maybe I can stand there and you can throw tomatoes at the Republican.”

McCain went on to ask if Behar blames the Democrats for the shutdown. Behar replied that Democrats are willing to give Trump everything else but the wall (which seems pretty much true) to which McCain tried to hold down the fort for Republicans, yet again.

“I think we have to be intellectually honest with our audience, both in this room and outside watching from behind the cameras about what is actually happening in the country and what we want to happen in the country,” McCain responded. “People aren’t getting paid. Both sides should be adults about this, including on this show, to get it right, and I’m sick of playing politics on this show every day with this issue that affects everyone.”

Hmm, McCain’s beginning to sound like some of the Democrats and many more furloughed workers who are tired of a certain Republican president playing politics, too.

Splinter Staff Writer, Texan