Meghan McCain Lost Her Damn Mind Today

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The View is back, thank god, and today the show tackled the sensitive issue of whether prisoners should have the right to vote. Most of the hosts made measured, if not stellar, points. Meghan McCain went nuts.

The impetus for the conversation was Bernie Sanders’ Monday night town hall on CNN, in which he responded to a rather disingenuous question about whether incarcerated people—even ones like the Boston bomber, OMG!!!—should have the right to vote. Sanders said yes, they should.

My colleague Paul Blest already made an excellent case for why people in prison should have the right to vote, and you can read that here, so I will not re-litigate the argument. Nor will I go through all of the different points the View hosts had to make. None were fully supportive of Sanders, which is disappointing, but most of them seemed to have given the matter some reasoned thought.


Then there was McCain. She started YELLING about how oh my god a “radicalized terrorist” might be able to vote??? And that she woke up this morning and was SO upset by this??? Whoopi Goldberg then said that, if he got out and was an American citizen, maybe the Boston bomber should be allowed to vote. Meghan started shouting things like “he KILLED PEOPLE WHOOPI!” and it looked like she might have been wiping a tear away from her face??? And while everyone else was saying things, you could practically feel her vibrating with suppressed rage and she looked like she was actually shaking and she muttered, “oh my god.” And then Goldberg tried to cut to commercial and McCain thought she was laughing at her OUTRAGE about the bad man and she snapped, “Maybe you think terrorism’s funny? I do NOT.” And Goldberg looked, for just a moment, like she was in such frustrated despair. Same.