Meghan McCain Manages to Enrage Every Single One of Her View Co-Hosts

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Today on The View, aka Let’s All Just Gaslight Each Other to Death, Meghan McCain pulled one helluva Meghan McCain, and attempted to complain that the media hates parts of America. Or maybe that Michelle Wolf’s White House Correspondents’ Dinner speech was bad and that Lindsay Lohan doesn’t belong in a room full of journalists. Or maybe that sometimes the audience of The View applauds at things the panelists say. I’m just a little confused.


The women of The View were discussing the aftermath of the White House Correspondents’ Dinner on Tuesday when McCain stepped in to speak out about how conservatives are bullied by the media:

This is a big gift to Trump supporters. 77% of Americans, believe that the national television and newspaper media outlets report fake news 89% of Republicans believe that. There’s already this implication that Jim Acosta, saying that Trump supporters, their brains don’t—whatever the quote is— their elevators don’t go to the top floor. There’s an idea that the media, especially people in D.C., hate the Trump administration, hate Republicans, hate the middle of the country.

It’s funny McCain should mention fake news, because that Jim Acosta quote was taken out of context by Fox News. Acosta was referring to the kind of people who might actually threaten or want to hurt journalists because they don’t know that Trump’s attacks on the media are “an act.” So unless McCain is attempting to portray all Trump supporters as people who want to hurt journalists, maybe that’s not the best thing to misquote.

Later on, McCain again painted herself as a victim. “I just feel like you just want to line up conservatives and throw grapefruits at us because again—” McCain began before she was interrupted by her co-hosts trying to figure out who is throwing the grapefruits.

After McCain once again said that conservatives—who she acknowledged were aggressive toward journalists after being riled up by Trump’s “crooked media” rhetoric—distrusted the media, Joy Behar, a member of the media, responded:

On this panel, no one, as far as I can tell, has said anything negative about Trump voters. Our animosity is towards Trump himself. We do go after Trump, I admit it, I’m one of his worst critics on television, but I do not go after Trump voters.

Then McCain insisted that she wasn’t specifically talking about Behar and started to talk about how the View’s audience applauds at things, which is when Whoopi Goldberg cut the whole ordeal off.

Here is a good microcosm of the exchange:

MCCAIN: I’m just trying to explain—

GOLDBERG: Yes, but I want you to stop doing that.

Oh, and McCain ALSO made co-host Sunny Hostin mad by asking if she was a journalist. (The answer, Hostin said, is yes.)


I do feel for McCain. She’s clearly going through a lot in her personal life. But her whole act—bemoaning how conservatives are constantly attacked while in no way backing it up with thoughtful critique—is only becoming more feeble.

Isha is a staff reporter who covers pop culture, representation in media, and your new faves.