Meghan McCain Once Again Offers the Worst Possible Read of a Situation

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Meghan McCain, the cable news commenter whose takes seemed specifically designed to make me destroy my laptop keyboard with my forehead, has weighed in on the 2020 Democratic primary!


Here is what she thinks: Amy Klobuchar, notorious workplace tyrant, is a “bad bitch.” Elizabeth Warren, on the other hand, is “soft,” for doing a live video from her kitchen (a format AOC started, for the record). If all of those sentences make sense to you, congratulations on being a loyal Splinter reader and also on having brain poisoning. Go outside, it’s a holiday.

No? Look, you asked for it. Here’s the segment.

Here’s a good quote from McCain: “Being a bad bitch is a good thing,” She said. “For me it’s like you’re tough and you’re strong and you’re going to get things done, for me I probably fit in that...”

A great comparison, Meghan! Do you also allegedly brutalize your staff? The rest of the View cast alluded to or brought up the allegations that Klobuchar was a nightmare to work with, but again, only in the context that it was a political liability for her. As my colleague Libby pointed out last week, this is a dumbass way of looking at the Klobuchar story.

The only thing worse than dancing around credible accusations that Klobuchar mistreats her subordinates, of course, is doing exactly what Meghan McCain gleefully jumped into: characterizing her as a “bad bitch.” But hey, if the self-comparison to Klobuchar sits well with her, that’s fine with us!

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