Meghan McCain Seems Weirdly Hyped About Bernie's Chances

This image was removed due to legal reasons.

Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders is officially running for president, and so naturally, I watched The View to see how Joy et al are taking the news.


Sunny Hostin earned a round of applause from the studio audience for stating that healthcare should be a right, but imagine my shock when Meghan McCain—of all people—made the strongest case for his candidacy. “The thing I will say about him is don’t underestimate him,” McCain said, after guest host Ana Navarro slammed his chances for snagging the Democratic nomination.

Explaining that she could foresee a scenario in which he and California Sen. Kamala Harris split the primary votes, McCain continued to make the case that despite naysayers arguing against him, Sanders could very well become the candidate to beat leading up to 2020. “He got 60 percent in New Hampshire in 2016, 49 percent in Iowa,” McCain said. “This time there are no superdelegates to come against him at the convention...he already has that going for him.”

“He’s a truly formidable candidate, I wouldn’t underestimate him,” she added, noting that “he’s the most popular politician in the country right now.”

Damn Meghan, just say it: You’re a Bernie fan. You think he could be president. And now that Abby Huntsman has The View’s “Republican nepotism” angle well represented, you’re finally free to embrace your inner radical! Meghan McCain, welcome to the DSA.

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